Extruder Manager

Job Type: Full-time
Location: Raleigh, NC
Post Date: 1/1/1970

Job Description

At Evergreen Packaging we pour “fresh thinking" into what we do every day in creating value for our customers and our employees. As the number one global manufacturer of refrigerated cartons, our customers are some of the largest brands in the world. We help our customers keep their products fresh, build a compelling brand with their packaging and strengthen their own sustainability value proposition by leveraging ours.

We’re looking for a key strategic team member who can help us utilize the extraordinary strengths of highly talented Evergreen Packaging associates who support our world-class customers, retailers and eco-conscious consumers. The ideal candidate will be an excellent collaborator and have demonstrated strong human resource capabilities needed to partner with Evergreen Packaging’s corporate leaders and team members.

Essential Functions:

Effectively manage the Raleigh Extrusion Operations in the areas of safety, productivity, product quality, new product development and customer service. Contribute and work as a member of the facility Leadership Team, providing direction and leadership for all areas of the facility. Manage and mentor two (2) exempt and eighteen (18) hourly employees to safely maximize the productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction of the extrusion value stream. 

  • Lead the extrusion safety process adding to the over six year streak of operating without a recordable accident.
  • Responsible for producing a quality product for domestic and international markets.
  • Manage the operation of an Extrusion Coating line operating 24hrs/day to insure that performance goals are achieved daily.
  • Manage operating budget and adhere to spending limits. 
  • Recommend equipment improvements and/or with appropriate studies, cost analysis, and justification 
  • Understand and aid in the development of new coating structures to include producing actual trials.
  • Understand coating technology to insure the correct structures are manufactured per customer
  • Monitor performance trends to insure production and waste goals are met or exceeded.
  • Order and maintain coating material inventories to include resins, foil, wrapping materials, tapes, labels and operating supplies.
  • Coordinate with maintenance personnel to schedule PM’s and troubleshoot line issues.
  • Uses process knowledge to quickly troubleshoot process as problems occur.
  • Interface with the plant scheduler to schedule production efficiently and insure materials are
    available on time.
  • Work with other department team members to improve plant performance, share crewing, promote problem solving, reduce costs, and share resources as needed.
  • Manage absenteeism & fill vacancies. Manage vacations & personal holidays.
  • Demonstrate leadership through the ability to lead people and get results through others.
  • Communicate a compelling vision and sense of core purpose.
  • Ability to develop and participate in team environments to achieve goals and solve problems.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of continuous production processes, quality control, costs and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture of product.
  • Knowledge of business and management principles, organizational skills.
  • Possess the ability to learn on the fly coupled with intellectual horsepower
  • Ability to work with the Raleigh Facility Leadership Team

Skills Required:


  • Ability to understand the purpose and capability of inventoried and trial resins
  • Ability to determine what resins are required and the proper construction in co-extrusion and multiple laminator operations to provide process compatibility and adhesion.
  • Ability to calculate the amount of material required for a structure and which extruders are required for the total weight.
  • Ability to understand the gauging and controls operations to facilitate production and plan for repair or replacement.


  • Provide month end inventories and assist accounting in verifying monthly material usage
  • Provide information for production standards, roll specification and costs to accounting
  • Develop costs to produce structures on the coating line


  • Clearly demonstrates excellent verbal, written, and listening skills to promote a clear expression of ideas in writing using good grammatical form.
  • Has the ability to actively listen and provide feedback to others.
  • Effectively communicates with hourly team members, with peers in other areas of the facility, with the facility Leadership Team as well as the Facility Manager.
  • Relay appropriate communications from different sources to the hourly employees.

Conflict Resolution:

  • Professionally resolves conflicts/disagreements in such a way to promote a win-win situation with the parties involved. Understands that based on the variety of experiences and values of individual team members that differences will arise but is very sensitive to the feelings of others as resolutions are collectively developed.
  • Support and encourage our Peer Review dispute resolution process.
  • Hold team members accountable to performance standards.


  • Genuinely possesses intent to foster the learning and development of work group members via Certification Guidelines from our Work Systems Enhancement initiatives while promoting the creation of a high performance team.
  • Able to lead team members toward an objective or goal while encouraging and empowering them to make decisions regarding flow of work through specified area.
  • Understands one’s influence on the work group, and provides direction to team members to insure requirements are consistently met for the work area/facility.
  • Motivates team members towards goal achievement by insuring that they understands how their work fits into the entire production flow of the facility and by providing continuous feedback.


  • Ethically develops a positive working environment promoting open and honest communication and trust among team members which supports our Union Free Philosophy.
  • Understands in order to provide continuous feedback to team members, specific behaviors must be described in detail.
  • Listens with the intent to understand the situation, shows empathy, and can express feelings in a very professional manner without offending work group members.
  • Ensures production standards and policies are adhered to and counsels team members, in partnership with Human Resources, accordingly should deviations exist.

Problem Solving:

  • Routinely analyzes situations to re-organize parts of problem in different ways, makes systematic comparisons of different problematic aspects and rationalizes time sequences with causal & non-causal relationships in order to generate solutions.
  • Trains and leads team members in problem solving activities.

Change Orientation:

  • Collaboratively adapts to and work in a variety of situations to support the competing organizational requirements.
  • Appreciates new and different perspectives and has the willingness to align one’s own behavior with the needs, priorities, and goals of Evergreen Packaging.


  • Effectively forecasts future production/operational demands and to insure a plan of action is developed to support the attainment of organizational goals that involves assessing capabilities, identifying resources, setting and prioritizing objectives, and determining critical paths.
  • Ensures resources are available for work group to produce on-time, quality work.


Education, Skills, and/or Experience Required: 

  • 5+ years of experience in Leadership roles within a manufacturing environment.
  • Direct first-line leadership responsibility for hourly teams
  • Organizational design, LEAN systems, and Business planning skills
  • MS Word, Excel, and SAP skills are a plus.
  • Excellent Communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work “hands-on” on the shop floor and teach techniques to hourly personnel
  • Ability to be at the plant on a variety of shifts and days as needed for supervision of extrusion work
  • Ability to motivate, train, and delegate responsibility to accomplish results
  • Ability to lead, build consensus, and work within a team environment
  • Demonstrated ability to initiate and manage change
  • Knowledge of Food Defense and Bio-Safety Requirements
  • Familiarity with SQF 2000 as well as ability to administer SQF Code requirements a plus

Education and/or Experience Required at Entry: 

  • BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Technical Degree needed.
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Flexibility to work with many projects at a time and still able to meet deadlines

Working Conditions and Environment/Physical Demands:

1. Must be able to sit, stand, kneel, and squat 8 to 10 hours a day

2. Must be able to wear all necessary safety and personal protective equipment

3. Must be willing to work at least 80% of time on manufacturing production floor

4. Standard office and clerical duties where required to record, format, analyze or share information

Additional Information

Evergreen Packaging is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, religion, creed, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, gender identity and/or expression, marital status, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

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