Go Evergreen 2015 Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 Go Evergreen Employee and Student Sustainability Leadership Award Contest winners!

Employee Winners

  • Sheri Albrecht
    Sheri Albrecht
    Sales Services Manager Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Albrecht has been a Teacher-Naturalist at the Indian Creek Nature Center for 15 years. Her leadership has allowed the organization to enhance programs and include more youth at each event. Working primarily with Girl and Boy Scout workshops, she is an excellent role model for youth. Sharing her love and deep respect for nature, Albrecht loves to see the wonder and imagination blossom in children's minds when they are exposed to it. Organization of choice: Indian Creek Nature Center
  • Rob Elliot
    Rob Elliot
    Fiber Procurement Manager Canton, North Carolina
    Elliot is the chair of the PTA Garden Committee at Fairview Elementary School, where his children are students. He has worked diligently to enhance the learning experience of the garden by building a three-bin composting system, improving raised beds for winter time growing with cold frames, and increasing garden access for students in wheelchairs. Elliot coordinates parent garden workdays once per quarter and also raises funds in the community to offset the cost of building materials, mulch, and topsoil. In order to promote locally grown, healthy produce and provide educational and fund raising opportunities, he has advocated a non-profit monthly Farmer's Market held in the school parking lot. Through these efforts, Elliot has learned that in order for communities to be sustainable, there needs to be broader interaction between groups that work toward similar sustainability goals. Organization of choice: Fairview Elementary PTA's School Garden
  • Andy Elmes
    Andy Elmes
    Manager, Project Engineering & Process Improvement
    Elmes has volunteered with the Congregations Around Richmond Involved to Assure Shelter (CARITAS) Ministry in Central Virginia for 12 years. CARITAS is comprised of 185 congregations which provide shelter, food and necessities on a weekly basis to homeless individuals and families in need of immediate assistance. As the Coordinator for his church, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Elmes leads preparation for his congregation's week of service to shelter 40 homeless individuals. Taking a week's vacation, he volunteers 60-70 hours to oversee the shelter week. Elmes works diligently to allow his guests to have a sense of purpose and to feel loved, respected and independent while under his care. Organization of choice: CARITAS
  • Catherine Guidry
    Catherine Guidry
    Documentation & Training Specialist Memphis, Tennessee
    Guidry volunteers at Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM), which is a Christian-based organization focused on providing year-round, mentoring programs to at-risk youth. Serving as a mentor and role model for the elementary-aged girls in the program, she plans fun and educational experiences that would otherwise be unavailable. She also helped renovate a special room–a "Ladies Lounge"–where the girls can read, play and interact with each other. Catherine loves getting to know the children and giving them the support they need to learn, grow, and succeed in life. Organization of choice: Memphis Athletic Ministries
  • Ed Lamar
    Ed Lamar
    Material Handler Plant City, Florida
    Lamar is the co-founder, vice president, and a coach at Bay Area Hoops Elite, which focuses on "getting youth to the next level" in the areas of sports, school, and daily life. Besides offering basketball training and exposure, the organization teaches teamwork and leadership with the objective of helping youth obtain college scholarships. By providing set guidelines, rules to follow, and steady encouragement, he has found that kids will flourish and can achieve anything. In the last 2 years, the twelve students in the first senior class all received college scholarships. Lamar loves being able to give kids that opportunity. Organization of choice: Bay Area Hoops Elite
  • Robert Tallman
    Robert Tallman
    Service Operator Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    As president of the Arkansas chapter of Challenged Outdoorsmen of America, Tallman is passionate about providing outdoor opportunities for challenged outdoorsmen and disadvantaged youth. Events like camping, hunting, fishing, fun days and educational trips create experiences for these disadvantaged individuals to develop honesty, fellowship, self-discipline and team play. Through his work with the Challenged Outdoorsmen of America, Tallman has led disadvantaged youth on hunting trips and taught disabled veterans to fish. As an advocate for the challenged outdoorsmen, Tallman doesn't see what the disabled can't do, but what they can do with a little help. Organization of choice: Challenged Outdoorsmen of America

Student Winners

  • Maria Roufaeil
    Maria Roufaeil
    Daughter of Ziad Roufaeil - Olmsted Falls Facility
    Maria was involved in a project called the Memory Garden, located at the high school from which she graduated, that serves to remember students who have passed away. Maria, having been involved in the project since it was founded, helped write a grant for funding, worked on the landscaping, and transformed a weeded area into flowers, a pond, and a garden. Maria learned how important teamwork was while creating this beautiful space for a good cause. The project's advisor noted that Maria led by example in her efforts, and she stood out in her consistency and dedication to weeding the garden all summer long.
  • Hayden Bailey
    Hayden Bailey
    Son of Jeffrey Bailey - Athens Facility
    Hayden was instrumental in the development of the Victory Garden in Madison County, which provides fresh produce to the local food bank during the growing season. The garden has several plots that are maintained by the local 4-H program, Girl Scout Troops, and a local senior center, which gives everyone in the community a chance to help the less fortunate. Hayden has also developed classes to educate younger students about food production and proper plant and soil management. Hayden's reference, a 4-H leader, has confidence in the future of the garden since Hayden trained up his successor to take care of the garden before he left for college.
  • Kylie Upthegrove
    Kylie Upthegrove
    Daughter of Deborah Erickson - Turlock Facility
    Kylie was a part of a five-person research crew doing environmental research in Montana waters for one month because there is a high level of metal contaminants in the area that could possibly have an effect on the animal life. As a vital crew member of the team, Kylie went out into the wilderness 7 days a week making her way into the middle of 50-80 feet wide and 4-7 feet deep rivers and streams to collect samples and record information, while also conversing with the students at the University of Montana regarding their findings. Kylie gained an appreciation for the ecosystem and wildlife by participating in this project.
  • Srilakshmi Velrajan
    Srilakshmi Velrajan
    Daughter of Velrajan Ramachandrapandian - Memphis Office
    Srilakshmi was involved in two sustainable ventures: her school's organic garden, and the Farm-To-Fork Fellowship at a local park. A master gardener who lead the school's gardening efforts was impressed with Srilakshmi's enthusiasm for the garden, calling her the most visible and active member of the club. Srilakshmi has a gift for recruiting volunteers to help with the many responsbilities of the garden, while also coordinating the distribution of the crops during their lunch period. Srilakshmi's involvement in the Farm-to-Fork Fellowship included running multiple workshops and teaching kids about the importance of gardening, while helping to grow the program itself. Srilakshmi has learned to navigate the complexities of sustainability in both her endeavors but is inspired to continue her work through the challenges.
  • Kaya Griffin
    Kaya Griffin
    Daughter of Rodney Griffin - Pine Bluff Mill
    Kaya is a member of 6th Division Teen Court, which is for non-violent first time offenders in the region. The individual is represented by a teen attorney (guided by a licensed attorney), and the case is prosecuted by a teen prosecuting attorney. The jury of teens, of which Kaya is a member, decides the sentence. As a member of the jury, Kaya and her peers take on the responsibility of sentencing other teens, which sometimes are peers from their school. Kaya has made a commitment to being a role model to the teens that come through the court and thoroughly enjoys seeing the transformation in the teens who learn from their mistakes.
  • Korey Huskonen
    Korey Huskonen
    Son of Kurt Huskonen - Olmsted Falls Facility
    Korey has been involved in the "Here's to your future" project, which helps students navigate the college application process and also connect with working professionals in fields of interest as they are making career choices. Korey volunteered as the project leader and has since taken the role of communications manager organizing meetings and keeping the communication flowing. Korey and his team secured a date and location, contacted professionals, and arranged for a keynote speaker for their first seminar that connects students with college students and working professionals in preparation for their future.

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