Evergreen Packaging and EcoFocus Worldwide Present Opportunities to Target the Healthy Beverage Shopper Segment at International Dairy Show

MEMPHIS, Tenn., September 14, 2015 – Evergreen Packaging, a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions,  is hosting a break-out session at the International Dairy Show, designed to help dairy manufacturers capitalize on an important new consumer segment, the Healthy Beverage Shopper. The session will be presented by Linda Gilbert, CEO and President of EcoFocus Worldwide, the research firm that identified this group in the 2015 EcoFocus Trend Survey. Gilbert will provide insight into the demographics, attitudes and purchase priorities of this consumer segment, which possesses $5.8 trillion in buying power and includes 46 percent of all grocery shoppers. The break-out session, “Healthy Beverage Trends Can Bring More Shoppers to the Dairy Case” occurs on Wednesday, Sept. 16 from 2-3 p.m. in Classroom 1 (Booth 9146).

According to the EcoFocus research, consumers in the Healthy Beverage Shopper category make a strong connection between their personal health and the environmentally friendly choices they make. They also have high expectations about packaging because of the impact it can have on the foods and beverages they buy and use.  Eighty-five percent of these shoppers believe beverage packaging that doesn’t impact the taste is most important – followed by protection of nutrients and ability to keep the beverage fresh without preservatives.

“Healthy Beverage Shoppers represent important communication, innovation, and value-added opportunities for dairy and beverage manufacturers. They put high priorities on making healthy and eco-friendly purchases, and believe a product’s packaging has a big impact on those key factors,” said Gilbert. “The EcoFocus research shows that manufacturers and retailers can successfully connect with Healthy Beverage Shoppers, by focusing on what these consumers care about: nutrition, ingredients, and packaging.”

The break-out session will help manufacturers understand the Healthy Beverage Shopper and develop strategies for increasing sales with this group.

For more information on the EcoFocus survey results, and to see other ways Evergreen Packaging is using market insights to help manufacturers build their business, visit the Evergreen Packaging Booth 7400 in the North Hall at the International Dairy Show or www.evergreenpackaging.com.

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