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We're always exploring new ways to help your brand stand out on the shelf and meet changing consumer needs.

  • Our Fully Renewable cartons are part of our new RenewablePlus™ Carton line
  • Our SmartPak™ cartons meet rising market demands for variety in sizing.
  • Our Fresh-Look window cartons create great shelf appeal.
  • Our Twist-It™ spout cartons are an innovation in single serve packaging.

Fully Renewable Cartons

Fully Renewable Cartons are part of our new RenewablePlus™ Carton line. These cartons utilize renewable fiber from trees and a renewable coating from sugarcane.

Fully Renewable Cartons
  • Renewable fiber from trees + renewable polyethylene from sugarcane = fully renewable.
  • All the freshness protection, operational efficiencies and great sustainability story associated with FreshHouse™ cartons.
  • Yes! RenewablePlus™ Cartons are recyclable
  • Same reliable performance as regular FreshHouse™ cartons in the conversion and form, fill, seal processes.
Available for all Evergreen Packaging FreshHouse™ Cartons:
  • Using barrier grade paperboard*.
  • Using non-barrier grade paperboard.
  • All sizes.
*Non-renewable barrier material represents less than 3% of the total carton by weight
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SmartPak™ Cartons

SmartPak™ cartons respond to the recent increased demand for packaging-size variety. These cartons:

  • Are available in 48-, 52-, and 59-oz sizes.
  • Benefit brands on multiple fronts branding, sustainability, transportation, and storage efficiencies.
SmartPak Cartons
Features and Benefits
For brands and processors:
  • Four new sizes add flexibility for positioning, promotional activity, and lowering product and case costs.
  • High-quality graphic real estate on all four carton sides lets brands tell compelling stories that engage consumers.
  • We offer a one-time conversion for processors using certain half-gallon machines.
For retailers:
  • Sleek design optimizes retail shelf space and promotes shelf turn.
  • Four sizes offer flexibility for pricing and promotional activity.
  • Process print graphics create a bold shelf presence.
For consumers:
  • Four sizes provide more options to match various household sizes.
  • Design features good pouring control for people of all ages.
  • Cartons easily store inside the refrigerator door and top shelf.

Fresh-Look Carton

Why Choose the Fresh-Look Carton?
Build your brand and get noticed in the case! Adding a window will help create shelf appeal and enhance your brand. Fresh-Look cartons also satisfy two important consumer desires: to see the product and know when they are running low.
Fresh-Look® Carton
How Does It Work?
Custom windows can enhance your carton design and differentiate your brand. Windows can be incorporated in a variety of shapes, sizes and positions. No adhesives are used. Polymer film covers the window and area surrounding it and is heat sealed on the inside.
Consumer Ratings

In consumer testing, consumers gave paper cartons with windows an overall "A" or "Outstanding" rating. Consumers believe it will be superior to current packaging options at providing key benefits such as:

  • Making the product inside more appealing.
  • Allowing them to easily see how much is left inside.
  • Being made from a renewable resource.
Learn more about Fresh-Look cartons' features and benefits

Twist-It™ Spout Carton

Our Twist-It™ single serve spout carton creates a great drinking experience. This package:

  • Offers all the benefits of traditional cartons: sustainable features such as coming from a renewable resource, trees, maintenance of nutrients and fresh taste, and great graphics to engage kids.
  • Is easy to open and drink from.
  • Is cost-effective.
  • Resulted when tested in schools in 15% more milk consumption, more nutrients consumed per child, fewer spills for cafeteria staff, and less straw usage.
Twist-It Spout Carton
In Schools
The Twist-It™ spout carton provides the important packaging aspects and value-added features food service directors want. Some 74% of food service directors surveyed at the 2011 School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference were interested in trying the Twist-It™ spout carton in their districts.
Get more info about the Twist-It™ spout carton for schools

In Retail
Available in 2-oz increments from 6 to 16 oz, the Twist-It™ spout carton provides an opportunity for brand differentiation in the growing category of single serve beverages.
Get more info about the Twist-It™ spout carton for retail

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