Shapes & Sizes

Evergreen has a significant portfolio of carton options to efficiently serve the needs of its customers and consumers. For example, our compact SmartPak™ FreshHouse™ cartons allow smaller households to accommodate multiple beverage choices in their refrigerator. They also offer easy handling and pouring for all ages. No other carton manufacturer offers this level of resources in the United States. Evergreen Packaging is uniquely positioned to provide you with the right cartons to make an impact for your brand.

We offer a portfolio of sizes and shapes of gable top packaging, available with various printing options:

EcoPak Footprint Sizes (liquid oz.)
EcoPak® 2.2405" x 2.2405" 4 oz / 6 oz / 8 oz / 10 oz
Quart Footprint Sizes (liquid oz.)
Quart 2.764" x 2.764" 6 oz / 8 oz / 14 oz / 16 oz 20 oz / 24 oz / 32 oz 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml / 1000 ml
SmartPak Footprint Sizes (liquid oz.)
SmartPak® 3.450" x 3.450" 48 oz / 52 oz / 59 oz
Half Gallon Footprint Sizes (liquid oz.)
Half Gallon 3.764" x 3.764" 37 oz / 54 oz / 59 oz / 64 oz 2 liter
Gallon Footprint Sizes (liquid oz.)
Gallon 5.531" x 5.531" 128 oz / 5 lb squat / 7 lb 5 lb / 10 lb (Imperial Gallon)
Consult with your sales professional to determine what carton type, size, and shape best fit your needs. Get in touch for more information. See our packaging, paperboard, and paper Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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Responsible Packaging
If you’re using our cartons, then our sustainability story is your story.

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