Technical Service

Technical service to help keep you running

When you choose Evergreen Packaging cartons and equipment, you have access to a team of professional experts dedicated to helping you keep running. Our Carton Service Technicians the best in the business provide hands-on operator training. This training helps ensure that the filled cartons leaving your facility will keep your products fresh for the desired shelf life. Our Carton Service Technicians:
  • Have an average of 22 years of carton and/or machine experience, so they understand the mechanics of carton integrity, the essentials of machine performance, and the importance of cartons throughout to your business.
  • Visit your facility, regularly conducting hands-on training for your team in Dye Check Test training.
    • Dye Check Testing is one of the best means of determining whether your machine is operating properly and whether the cartons coming off the machine are well sealed.
  • Perform a 12-point visual inspection of the filling machine when time allows. This occurs while the machine is running, so there is no downtime.
    • This visual inspection doesn't replace those of our PURE Program, but it can help catch potential problems.
  • Are available 24/7/365 and are second to none in helping troubleshoot and resolve issues.

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