Spouts & Closures

Our packaging is Fresh By Design . We set and raise the bar for expectations, taking even the smallest details into consideration. All elements of our SPOUT-PAK  closures for gable top FreshHouse™ cartons enhance your product, down to the smallest detail. And all closures are convenient, efficient, and offer brand-building opportunities.


Consumers can enjoy the many benefits of our SPOUT-PAK knurl-patterned caps:

  • Easy opening and closing, with threading that prevents spills and allows resealing
  • Internal tamper-evident pull-rings and external break bands—that add peace of mind but not difficulty
  • The ability to seal, shake, and reseal without leaks
  • Maintenance of product freshness and flavor, increased shelf life, and extended freshness

The details are in the manufacturing:

  • Spout closures for gable top packaging from half-gallon to small-size applications
  • The ability to apply all SPOUT-PAK in line on our machines without decreasing efficiency
  • Highly experienced technicians available to support you
Brand-Building Opportunities

We’re happy to work with you to design a SPOUT-PAK closure for your specific needs. Options include:

  • Customized colors to help identify and enhance your brand
  • Embossing, laser etching, and direct printing or game-piece promotions
  • Under-cap promotional opportunities

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If you’re using our cartons, then our sustainability story is your story.

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