Prepare to be delighted. Although we aren'€™t the biggest paper company around, we offer one of the widest selections in the industry with top-notch customer service. And our paper is made from trees in forests where responsible forestry practices are used. Download information on our Sentinel™ Food Grade Paper and Paperboard. Download our Sentinel™ Brand Sustainability Story Infographic. Have questions about coated papers or uncoated freesheet papers? Get in touch: Coated Papers€“ Memphis Customer Service Phone: (800) 985-0103 Uncoated Freesheet Papers - Canton Customer Service Phone: (877) 274-3163 Need samples? Click HERE to request Coated or Uncoated samples. If you have specific questions about samples and need to speak to the Sample Center:
  • For Coated Paper Samples, call (800) 985-0103, option 1
  • For Uncoated Freesheet Paper Samples, call (877) 274-3163, option 4

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Sustainability Certifications
Evergreen Packaging plays an active role in certified forestry. Learn more.