Educating and Engaging

Consumers care about sustainability and sustainable packaging. They care about packaging's environmental impact, its health impact, and what it tells them about your brand.

We create resources to help consumers understand the benefits of paper-based products, particularly cartons, and help them take simple steps toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Paper and paperboard products have a great story to tell, and we're telling consumers, so they can pass it on.

Educating and Engaging Consumers

In addition to specific help for your brand, we raise general awareness about paper products and cartons through various programs.


With support from, we sponsor this nationwide competition every spring. Students get hands-on experience repurposing juice and milk cartons in their school gardens. Entries are evaluated for creativity and sustainability. Schools can win one of many prizes up to $5,000 to help build or enhance the school's garden. This contest helps students learn about:

  • Gardens and healthy eating
  • The importance of eco-friendly packaging and recycling
  • Creativity, leadership, and teamwork
Official rules, details, and entry kits are available at the Carton 2 Garden site.

How Life Unfolds

Evergreen Packaging is a proud supporter of the Paper & Packaging How Life Unfolds. initiative. This unified industry effort highlights the value and relevance of paper products. It uses a storytelling approach to remind consumers of paper products' functional and emotional roles in our daily lives.

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Carton 2 Garden

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