2019 Food and Beverage Packaging Trends Offer Opportunities for Retailers

December 04, 2018

2019 Food and Beverage Trends Infographic Header

Study by EcoFocus Worldwide identifies four opportunities for retailers to leverage packaging innovation

According to the 2018 EcoFocus Trend Study conducted by EcoFocus Worldwide, grocery shoppers in 2018 have greater expectations of packaging than ever before – especially when it relates to healthy food and beverages. Brands in the healthy food and beverage category who have embraced CLEAN LABEL and CLEAN PROCESSING now have the opportunity to add CLEAN PACKAGING as a way to further differentiate their products on the grocery shelves. More shoppers are choosing stores based on their offerings of healthy and environmentally friendly selections. Packaging is a factor in these decisions. 67% of grocery shoppers say “retailers should choose what products they put on their shelves based on how environmentally friendly the packaging is.” Specifically, the trends study shows that all forms of food and beverage packaging, including store brands, will be challenged to:
  1. Work Harder to Protect Taste, Freshness and Nutrients
  2. Work Harder to Align with Ingredients
  3. Work Harder to Be Responsible
  4. Work Harder to Share Values
Download the whitepaper here. View the accompanying infographic that illustrates these trends.

Source: 2018 EcoFocus Trend Survey

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