Carton Awareness Month Raises Awareness Among Consumers About the Importance of Sustainable Packaging and Many Creative Uses of Cartons

MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 20, 2016 – Evergreen Packaging®, a leader in refrigerated beverage carton manufacturing, today announced the “Carton Awareness Month” campaign that includes a series of educational activities and content designed to build awareness and educate consumers about the benefits of choosing cartons. This campaign kicked off earlier in the month with social content on the Choose Cartons Facebook Page, Choose Cartons website, and via “Fresh Maker” blogger partners – engaging followers with creative, shareable content. Evergreen Packaging has branded their cartons with the name FreshHouse because, just like a house, their cartons have four walls and a roof that protects everything inside.

Carton Awareness Month is all about showcasing the ways cartons FreshHouse cartons can help consumers find fun and easy ways to move toward their healthy and sustainable lifestyle goals. Content features key themes about cartons, including PSA videos highlighting FreshHouse benefits, fascinating carton facts and creative carton crafts. The campaign also reminds eco-aware consumers that cartons are a great packaging choice as they come from a renewable resource cartons are made from more than 70 percent paper, which comes from trees from forests where responsible forestry practices are used. Cartons are also manufactured using over 50 percent biomass, a renewable energy source made from wood byproducts. Cartons are recyclable, where facilities exist, for over 68 million American households; and products packaged in cartons on average are 94 percent product compared to 6 percent packaging by weight.

“We created Carton Awareness Month to celebrate the Choose Cartons platform, which we founded in 2011 to connect eco-aware shoppers, share eco-friendly lifestyle tips and to promote cartons as a responsible choice because they are recyclable, renewable and reliable,” said Erin Reynolds, Marketing Director for Evergreen Packaging. “Many consumers want to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, but it may seem overwhelming. Choosing healthy beverages in cartons is one way to take a positive step. Join us in celebrating cartons this month and be inspired.”

The campaign, running May 1-May 31 includes information on cool carton crafts, fun carton factoids, and more shareable content encouraging the use of the #ChooseCartons hashtag. Content can be found on the Choose Cartons Facebook page and

The month will culminate with “Carton Awareness Day” on May 31st, when carton lovers will take to social media to share their favorite carton products, crafts and more. Evergreen Packaging will also celebrate Carton Awareness Day by making a donation to the National Forest Foundation’s Tree Planting Program for every use of the #ChooseCartons hashtag, up to $1,500.

Evergreen Packaging is a supporter of promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyle education for all ages. As a major supplier of cartons for school milk and juice, Evergreen Packaging’s two hallmark programs include the Made By Milk Carton Construction Contest, which encourages students to repurpose cartons into works of art and the Carton 2 Garden Contest, which gives students a hands-on experience in repurposing cartons to build or enhance their school gardens.