Evergreen Packaging Announces Launch of Sentinel™ Renewable Ice Cream Board

MEMPHIS, TN (April 5, 2017)  Evergreen Packaging®, a global leader in liquid packaging board, today announced the introduction of Sentinel™ Renewable Ice Cream Board, an addition to their Sentinel™ paper and paperboard line. This board is one of the first of its kind and reflects Evergreen Packaging’s continued commitment to the use of renewable resources and reinforces the company’s expertise in custom extrusion technology.

“Our new ice cream board reflects our dual commitment to customers and consumers,” said Evergreen Packaging Managing Director of Global Board Sales Chris Johns. “For our customers, this is a product that runs dependably and seamlessly like other forms of polyethylene coated stock and provides an excellent print surface. Consumers can feel good about purchasing products in packaging using this board, because it is fully renewable.”

Evergreen Packaging is focused on developing innovative fiber-based products to meet the business goals of customers and sustainability preferences of consumers, and Sentinel™ Renewable Ice Cream Board is the latest solution for retail food packaging audiences.

“We are very excited to be utilizing the renewable Sentinel™ product from Evergreen Packaging® and look forward to the expansion of our sustainability offerings to our customers,” said John Nycklemoe, chief sales officer for Burd and Fletcher. “We believe that the introduction of our Envy™ Ice Cream container will not only assist with the growing sustainability movement in the frozen dairy market, but also contribute to solidifying consumers brand loyalty by providing more eco-friendly options at shelf.”

Evergreen Packaging is also committed to providing products that utilize renewable resources. The company converts trees, a renewable material, into paper and paperboard. Because of its commitment to responsible forestry, Evergreen Packaging sources all its wood fiber responsibly by maintaining three forestry certifications and conducting annual third-party audits. The new ice cream board uses sugarcane-based polyethylene supplied by Braskem. Combining renewable paperboard with a renewable sugarcane-based polyethylene coating offers customers a unique, innovative, fully renewable board option for ice cream packaging.

The Sentinel™ paper and paperboard line for food products includes Sentinel™ Food Service Board and Cupstock, Sentinel™ Food Grade Packaging Board, and Sentinel™ Flexible Packaging Paper. Sentinel™ paper and paperboard products are designed to be used in a wide range of food service and food packaging applications with varying shelf life needs. These products can be converted into a variety of formats including cups, trays, plates, ovenable board, cartons, flexible packaging and box liners, as well as a wide range of other formats.

About Evergreen Packaging®

Evergreen Packaging is a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions customized to deliver product freshness and brand distinction. Evergreen Packaging makes and supplies paper and paperboard products globally with manufacturing facilities in the US, Asia, Central America and the Middle East/North Africa. Evergreen Packaging is the number one supplier of liquid packaging board in the world. All of the fiber used in Evergreen Packaging products comes from forests in the US where responsible forestry practices are used and where overall growth exceeds harvest.

About Burd and Fletcher

Founded in 1886, Burd & Fletcher enjoys its 5th generation of continuous family management providing paper based packaging solutions. While steeped in a rich history of consistent management and quality driven focus, Burd & Fletcher maintains a progressive motivation employing the latest manufacturing technologies while developing innovative products which make its customers successful in the marketplace. In developing key, strategic partnerships with organizations like Evergreen Packaging, Burd & Fletcher remains a critical asset in providing exciting, innovative and necessary products to the consumer foods industries.

About Braskem

Braskem is one of the world’s leading plastics and chemical companies with 41 industrial plants in Brazil, the United States, Germany and Mexico. Braskem is the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the leading producer of biopolymers in the world, creating more environmental-friendly, intelligent and sustainable solutions through chemicals and plastics. Known for innovative solutions such as I’m green™ Polyethylene made from renewable sugarcane and UTEC®, the company’s own trademarked Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for high performance applications, Braskem’s products and technologies enable the automotive, packaging, healthcare, and construction industries to produce goods that enhance quality of life for people around the world. Braskem America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Braskem S.A. headquartered in Philadelphia. The company is the leading producer of polypropylene in the United States, with six production plants located in Texas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and an Innovation and Technology Center in Pittsburgh. For more information, visit www.braskem.com.