Packaging Says a Lot to Millennials

59%1 of consumers believe that better personal health is a big benefit of an eco-friendly lifestyle. They associate some types of beverage packaging with having a more positive impact on their health and the environment than others. At the same time, there is strong belief2 among consumers that some types of packaging can leave undesirable chemicals in the beverage. Maybe that’s why consumers rank cartons higher than most other predominant types of beverage packaging3 for: protecting freshness without preservatives, having a positive health impact, and having a positive or neutral environmental impact. And cartons offer the high definition package surface area to effectively tell your brand story, define the product benefits and make impact on the shelf.

Packaging Matters to Consumers: Millennials (35% of GPOP)

  • 59% “It is important to choose foods and beverages packaged responsibly.” (Agree/Strongly agree)
  • 46% “I have changed what I buy because of the type or amount of packaging.” (Agree/Strongly agree)
  • 55% Always or usually think about the environmental impact of the packaging before purchasing products.
  • 63% “I try to buy packaging that is recyclable.” (Agree/Strongly agree)
  • 55% “I try to buy beverages that use less plastic in the packaging” (Agree/Strongly agree)
  • 68% Positively influenced by a company’s commitment to only using renewable or recycled packaging.

If you’re positioning your brand as a healthy option, choose cartons. Consumers do.

Source: EcoFocus Trend Survey 2014.
1 – Americans ages 18-65 years (GPOP).
2 – 82% of General Population.
3 – Ranked second only to glass in comparison with glass bottles, flexible pouches, and plastic bottles.