Plant-Based Identified as Important Trend, From Ingredients to Packaging

March 13, 2019

2019 Plant Based Trend

Consumer data indicates search for plant-based options is fueling interest in plant-based packaging

Download the whitepaper here. Download the infographic here. Download the full press release here. Evergreen Packaging®, a global leader in fiber-based packaging solutions, today released a white paper, “Trend Watchers Say the Topic of the Year for Food and Beverage Might Be ‘Plant-Based,’” based on data from the annual EcoFocus Trend Study, which forecasts key trends that will shape the U.S. food and beverage industries in the year ahead. The Study finds that plant-based food and beverage packaging is now on the minds of more than three quarters of consumers. Three out of four (76%) grocery shoppers in 2018 say they have heard or read about plant-based food or beverage packaging, and 62% want to learn more about it.
“Better personal health has driven the clean label movement in recent years and will drive plant-based trends in coming years,” observes Linda Gilbert, CEO of EcoFocus Worldwide. “When we turn the health lens to packaging, consumer perceptions are clearly and consistently in favor of glass and paper, both for personal health and environmental reasons.”
Evergreen Packaging, which introduced its PlantCarton™ brand has identified a number of factors that food and beverage companies should be aware of as they package their products.
“The plant-based trends create a particularly high level of packaging innovation opportunities for natural and organic products,” said DeWitt Clark, Vice President of Sales and Marketing North American Packaging for Evergreen Packaging. “With 61% of grocery shoppers in 2018 strongly agreeing or agreeing ‘Natural and organic products need to do a better job of packaging their products with recyclable materials,’ it creates an opportunity for brands to differentiate in a competitive market.”

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