Supply Chain Assurance

An excerpt from our whitepaper titled “Supply Chain Assurance Case Study: How Evergreen Packaging Provides Responsibly Sourced Paper Products Made From Renewable Materials”

Take a closer look at your paper grocery bag, magazine, box, envelope, coffee cup, or refrigerated beverage carton. There’s a good chance that you’ll find a forestry certification label. That was not the case a few years ago. Based on customer interest, many brands utilize paper products because they are made with renewable materials. They are also turning to forest certification programs to provide supply chain assurance of responsibly sourced wood and meet the growing demand for these sustainable products. By using responsibly sourced paper products made from renewable materials, you are supporting healthy forests, wildlife, and responsible forest management.

As a manufacturer of paper products, Evergreen Packaging meets our customers’ needs for responsibly sourced products by holding three independent forestry certifications. This case study gives a high-level review of the efforts that Evergreen Packaging, and many other forest product companies, make to provide supply chain assurance.

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