Our gable top FreshHouse™ cartons protect products in millions of homes around the world.

Why cartons?

Cartons provide brands with these clear advantages:


Our proprietary TRU-TASTE - barrier board technology is engineered to keep oxygen out and vitamins and taste in. That helps lock in freshness and extend shelf life. Find out more about our barrier technologies.

Shelf Appeal

Successful packaging has shelf impact. It increases brand equity. It raises consumer awareness and promotes sales. FreshHouse™ cartons are the ideal vehicle for all those criteria. They deliver four sides of billboard space for communicating directly with consumers and:

  • Creating visual impact on the shelf
  • Telling your brand story
  • Offering compelling promotions
  • Highlighting the sustainable attributes of cartons
  • Engaging consumers on a deeper level with your brand
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The Billboard Effect: Total Graphic Space by Package
Cartons provide 4 sides for graphics, resulting in 140 square inches of graphic space. Compare this to other types of packaging that only allow graphics on 1 or 2 sides, resulting in 12 square inches or 36 square inches of graphic space, respectively.

The Four Sides of Successful Carton Graphics
For brands, cartons deliver four sides of billboard space and a surface perfect for high definition graphics — a blank canvas for brands to tell their story and create a compelling value proposition.
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Storage & Freight Efficiencies

Cartons are cased and palletized with high cube efficiency to make the most of both pack-out of trailers and warehouse storage, helping you control costs in a highly competitive market. Warehouse storage efficiency: 576 paper cartons per pallet, versus 450 plastic carafes per pallet. Retail shelf efficiency: 15 packages for paper cartons, versus 12 packages for plastic carafes. More efficient use of a pallet on the truck: 9216 paper carton units per truck, versus 9000 plastic carafe units per truck.

Consumer Needs

Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability issues. These consumer findings show just a few ways in which using cartons gives brands the advantage:
  • What consumers say: A majority of consumers report they are extremely or very positively influenced to buy brands and products which only use packaging made from renewable (70%) or recyclable (74%) materials.
  • How our cartons stack up: Cartons contain more than 75% paper, which comes from a renewable resource trees that are harvested using responsible forestry practices.
  • What consumers say: 73% of consumers say that they are extremely or very positively influenced to buy brands and products which use renewable energy resources.
  • How our cartons stack up: The paper-making process for our cartons uses almost 60% energy from biomass. That renewable energy source comes from wood by-products used to produce our paperboard.
  • What consumers say: 68% of consumers try to buy products in packages that are recyclable.
  • How our cartons stack up: Cartons are widely recyclable in the U.S. As a charter member of the Carton Council, we continue working to expand and educate about carton recycling.
Source: 2016 EcoFocus Study See our packaging, paperboard, and paper Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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Responsible Packaging
If you’re using our cartons, then our sustainability story is your story.

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