Product Launches

Successful Beverage Launches: We Can Help

Bringing successful new products to market is a complicated task. When you choose Evergreen Packaging cartons, we can help you:

  • Gain category data insights, obtain consumer opinions about your cartons' graphics, assess production efficiency, and more with our Carton to Market Retail Product Launch Support Program.
  • Tell a compelling story on the shelf with our Shelf Impact Program.
  • Reach Healthy Beverage Shoppers™.
Carton to Market™ Retail Product Launch Support Program
If you're bringing new refrigerated beverages to market, this program is for you. You need to match product and packaging attributes with consumer expectations and production capabilities.

This program helps you target consumers, supporting you through planning and execution of your retail beverage launches. Key elements include:

  • Data analysis to assess market opportunities
  • Consumer carton graphics testing [anchor link to Shelf Impact]
  • Filling equipment efficiency studies
  • Consumer social media support
Shelf Impact Program
Our expert graphic analysts are here to help ensure that your cartons attract attention on the shelf. They're dedicated to understanding your graphic goals making sure your graphics translate well from concept to print and achieving them.

In addition to our graphic analysts, our marketing team can help during early design phases:

  • Design inspiration. We can share our carton design consumer research data with your design team.
  • Design testing. We sponsor quarterly web-based consumer testing of carton designs. Download more information about our Carton Graphics Testing program.
  • Licensed designs. We have carton designs available that have undergone consumer testing and are available for licensing.
  • Custom designs. Our graphic designers can provide impactful options tailored to your brand and audience.
Healthy Beverage Shopper™

Healthy Beverage Shoppers1 are consumers who choose beverages for health reasons and are willing to pay more for healthy and sustainable products. In fact, some 81% believe that better personal health is a major benefit of an eco-friendly lifestyle. These shoppers:

  • Have high expectations for packaging because of its potential impact on food and beverages.
  • Expect brands to help them achieve their health and sustainability goals.
  • Believe that cartons offer definite advantages.
We understand Healthy Beverage Shoppers, because we identified them in market trends. We can help you connect with this important consumer target audience. Healthy Beverage Shoppers are more likely to say beverages in refrigerated cartons are: 61% healthier, 39% taste better, 39% fresher, and 39% retain more nutrients over time. When you're positioning your beverage as a healthy option, choose cartons.

You can find more information about Healthy Beverage Shoppers in Fresh News

Source: 2016 EcoFocus Survey. Base: Healthy Beverage Shoppers.

  1. Some 48% of all grocery shoppers always or often choose beverages for health reasons.
  2. Percentage of Healthy Beverage Shoppers more likely to say, "Compared to beverages in plastic bottles, I expect that beverages in refrigerated cartons 'are healthier, taste better, are fresher, retain more nutrients over time'."

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