At Evergreen Packaging we convert trees, a renewable material, into paper while focusing on our sustainability commitments.

We have a vision to lead and inspire sustainability stewardship. Learn more about our sustainability mission to provide innovative paper and products that deliver safe, fresh, convenient food and beverages while valuing our planet, people, and communities.

Forestry & Renewable Materials

At Evergreen Packaging, we promote responsible forestry practices, utilize renewable materials, and work with small landowners. We hold third-party certifications to demonstrate our commitment to responsible wood procurement and chain-of-custody procedures.

Renewable Energy

We utilize renewable energy and promote solar energy. Renewable energy is engineered into our pulp and paper-making processes. Minimizing waste in our manufacturing process is important. About 55% of the energy we use to make our paper products comes from biomass, a renewable energy source.


We promote recycling and carton recycling throughout the United States.

Working With Others

We work with others to build stronger communities and improve forest management.

Environmental, Health & Safety

At Evergreen Packaging, we support the well-being of our employees and local communities by improving our environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance.

Our Sustainability Story

Leadership Awards