Environmental, Health & Safety

At Evergreen Packaging, we understand that it is vital that we conduct our business in safe and healthy workplaces, manage natural resources wisely, and continually improve our environmental, health, and safety performance.

Target Zero

To achieve this goal, we developed a program called Target Zero, which is in effect at all of our facilities. The objective of Target Zero is to encourage team members to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others (at work and at home). It is an ongoing process of identifying, eliminating and preventing unsafe conditions and raising awareness. We're proud of the fact that our key metric for safety, Total Incidence Rate (TIR), has declined by 50 percent since the formation of Evergreen Packaging in 2007. We've surpassed the industry average of 2.2, and for the past five years, we have achieved a TIR better than World Class (<.9). And we won't stop there. We're committed to Target Zero and to a safer work environment for our employees.

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Target Zero

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